What We Do

Developing, deploying and operating large scale software in the cloud.


Game Publishing

As games transition to live services, having direct links to players is becoming an increasingly critical strategy. We help build, deploy, and operate your digital distribution and publishing platform to increase the lifetime value of your players and increase valuation of your organization.


Online Game Features

Building scalable online game features requires dedicated engineers with specialized skills. We help build, deploy and operate online game features so that game studios can focus more on gameplay features and content that will increase sales.


Web Application Development

Websites are an invaluable medium to keep consumers engaged from anywhere. We help our clients with rich, interactive, responsive and mobile friendly web applications to engage and deliver additional values and convenience to their consumers.


Continuous Integration & delivery

We help our clients to improve their development lifecycle by deploying custom continuous integration and delivery that allows engineers to test and deploy code faster.


Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Organizations are moving towards data-driven decision making. We help provide cost effective solutions from data ingestion, transformation and cleansing, reporting and visualization, analytics, and data mining.


Infrastructure Design & Integration

Technology moves fast, and often there simply isn't enough time to thoroughly research and design long lasting infrastructure decisions. We help with research, design and integration services that fit your needs.

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