White Label Online Game Publishing Platform

Technologies to Own Your Players and Game Data

As games transition to live services, having direct links to players is becoming an increasingly critical strategy to building communities and lowering the barriers to player acquisition and crossplatform retention. We license our technologies and source code, help customize, deploy, and operate server infrastructure for your online games. Our solution will help increase the lifetime value of your players and increase valuation of your organization.

In plain terms, you own your own backend server platform, players and game data, period. Our white label backend solution gives you the full source code to a broad set of features that can be tailored to your unique game, reducing the complexity of your game client and allowing you to iterate faster server side. In addition, your code base is backed by our team of specialized experienced backend online game engineers that will customize the code to fit your needs.

Feature Sets

  • Login/Registration
  • Player Profile
  • Binary Cloud Saves
  • Telemetry
  • E-Commerce, Virtual Currencies and Items
  • Social and Chat
  • Development Tools
  • Marketting and Player Acqusition Tools
  • And Many More

How It Works

  • License Our Technology

    Our technology allows your game to have online features with minimum effort. With access to the source code, you have the flexibility to customize it and push your game logic to the server side. Your game becomes simpler, easier to maintain, which is critical for the success of game as a live service.

  • Engage Our Engineers

    Additionally, our specialized backend game engineers that developed our technology and understand online game development, can also iterate with your team on tailoring it to your specifc game as it evolves, further freeing up your developers' to focus on making your game fun.

  • Delegate Online Operations

    Lastly, our operations team can run your entire backend for you, further allowing you to stay focused on improving your game for the long term. They work side by side with the same engineers that developed your unique features, thus keeping experts as close as possible to the delivery of your players' experience.

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